Nail Art Sundays: Go Gators!

I was running kind of low on ideas, so I decided to go with a design to support the Florida Gators. I can’t say I like the Gators, or really football at all, but hey, a design is a design right? And, I feel really bad and stupid about this, but I completely forgot to take any pictures until the design was finished. >.<

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So basically, I painted my nails all blue(I didn’t have a nice “Gator blue” on hand, so went with teal). Then using a combination of a dotting tool & the brush of my orange polish I created random designs on my pinky-index fingers. Then on my thumbs I used my dotting tool(I’m still a noob at this, so it’ll be a while before my designs look halfway decent when I use it) to paint on the letters “U” & “F” on each thumb. After that I used my white striping polish to add some more detail to the “UF” and topped off with a clear coat. Again, I’m so sorry I forgot the pictures…I must have been really tired after work last night. v.v

I hope you liked my disgrace of an attempt at today’s nail art, and if you don’t I understand. I’m not happy with it either. :( But next week I promise a better one! Also, I will be putting up a review on Kiss Nail Dress nail stickers sometime this week, and I am hopefully going to be making some candles too(my “going away” gift to my coworkers at the restaurant since next Saturday is my last there).  Till next time!

xoxo, Katie

Products Used

  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear: Invisible
  • Wet n’ Wild Fast Dry: Teal or No Teal
  • China Glaze: Breakin’
  • Kiss Nail Art Paint: White


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