I Hate Acrylics

For starters, you see them everywhere. I mean, almost everyone I see has acrylic nails on. And I get it, every girl wants to have nice looking nails, and not everyone has awesome looking nails(shucks, even my own nails have a tendency to peel and chip all the time). So I understand why acrylic nails would be seen as the perfect solution to having imperfect nails. I mean hey, you get to sit back and relax while someone else works on your nails and makes them all pretty, and they don’t just break or chip like normal nails…for a price. And that’s where I’ll get started. Keep in mind I haven’t gotten my nails done personally(I’m more of the do-it-yourself type), but I’ve been with my mother while she used to get hers done, so this is all just from observation.


Going to a salon to get a mani or pedi is nice and relaxing, after all, it’s their job. But services like that come at a price, and most good quality services don’t come at a very…affordable price. Ok, maybe if you go back every once in a blue moon to have your nails done for say, a special occasion. But for those that regularly have their nails done…it adds up if you’re paying fifty-something per visit or more (granted these people may have the money to do this, and that’s great for them). But for everyone working a not-so-high-paying job…well, it’s kind of expensive to go even once.


Sure, doing anything to alter the way you look (be it a manicure or doing your hair or makeup) takes some time, wether you do it yourself or pay someone else to do it. And ok, painting your nails doesn’t take all that long. but acrylics take quite a while to get done, and for many people, there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done let alone have their nails done.


I know there are some really good nail technicians out there who i’m sure do an awesome job with acrylics and you can’t even tell they’re fake. but the majority of nails i’ve seen are really thick, bulky looking, and obviously fake.


Yup. acrylic nails ruin your natural nails. sure, your nails don’t break off or chip when you have acrylics, but that’s only bcz of the thick protective layer of the artificial nail. while you are constantly wearing the artificial nail, it’s slowly causing more and more damage to your nail. your natural nails see daylight less often, and being protected 24/7 by a super-shield of acrylic makes them incredibly weak and brittle. that and i’d imagine the chemicals are causing their fair share of damage. my mother used to have awesome, strong nails that hardly ever chipped or peeled. she always had nice long nails. but then she decided to go have her nails done with acrylics just for the sake of trying it. she liked them a lot, as they never broke or chipped, so she kept getting them redone regularly. but then the cost of getting them done added up, so she decided to stop going. since then, her nails are constantly chipping and breaking off and peeling, and we’ve yet to find anything to stop it. So there you have it. My thoughts on acrylic nails. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from getting their own nails done. Just my personal thoughts and opinions. 🙂

till next post, Katie


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