Making Candles

raspberry candles

Raspberry Tea Candles for the local restaurant

So a few days ago I made candles that I’m going to sell to the local restaurant that I work at (they have a boutique upstairs, so my candles will fit right in). They’re based off of the restaurant’s famous Raspberry Tea. My first thoughts were just the wine glasses, but they suggested votives to place and burn at the tables as well. I can’t wait to start selling these candles, and I really hope these do well and that I can start making even more. I have a bunch of ideas to try, and will be posting how-tos here on the blog as I make them. This adventure is kind of bumpy, so here we go!


containers ready to go!

I always start by getting the containers ready, that way I can just pour the wax into them once it’s melted, colored and scented. Next, I got all the wax together and put it in the pouring pot(I was using 4 lbs of wax, so i ended up taking most of it out of the pot so it would melt faster).

wax in pot

wax is in the melting pot

After that I put together the fragrance oil, dye, uv inhibitor(this helps candles keep their color longer if stored in the sun, which really storing them in sunlight should be avoided so they don’t fade anyways), and my thermometer. A thermometer is needed so the wax doesn’t get too hot.


all my stuff

So I was all set up, and started melting the wax. This is where things get bumpy. I knew that wax takes a little while to melt, so I didn’t expect it to be a quick process. But for some reason, it just wouldn’t melt all the way in the pouring pot. Around the sides it would be a liquid like it’s supposed to, but in the center it still resembled melted gummy bears. I had never melted wax on the stove before(always used the microwave but I’ve read you should use the stove because you can keep a better eye on the temperature, plus 4 lbs of wax wouldn’t go in the microwave…plus my parents wouldn’t want me melting wax in the new one we got to replace our old one…). I had followed the directions that came with the pot, which said to use a double boiler method. But it just wouldn’t melt all the way. I ended up putting it in a larger pot because the small one was starting to boil over. This also didn’t help anything with the melting problem(the wax is already red because I used leftovers from another time).

stove top

It finally melted!

Eventually (after consulting my mother on doing so, I’m a scaredy cat, I know) I gained the courage to ditch the second pot and put the pouring pot directly on the stove. Of course, the wax melted in no time after this, and i was able to get all 4 lbs melted quickly. It was around 4 PM now (I started at 12), I had spent nearly all day trying to melt just a small portion of the wax!


candles are done!

At this point everything went kind of fast, so I didn’t have time to take pictures. But the fragrance was poured in, as well as the uv inhibitor and the red dye. Then all 4 lbs was poured into the containers. 2 wine glasses, 16 votives. The candles set, and now they just need to be labeled and I can bring them in to work to sell them.

raspberry candles

Raspberry Tea Candles for the local restaurant

It was a bumpy quest, but worth it in the end. Hopefully I am more efficient on the next go round. 🙂

till next post, Katie


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    Depending on the size of your browser’s window, the post may look sort of distorted, so you might want to adjust the size of your window. Sorry for the inconvenience, will fix soon, but going to bed now. 🙂

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