4th of July Fail

As you all know, I promised Red White & Blue candles for 4th of July…and today, I was going to make those candles. Needless to say this isn’t a tutorial of how to make them, more of a tutorial of how NOT to make them. What happened is… well, let’s just say things didn’t go according to plan….

So I started out just like I normally would, prepping things and getting the molds ready, setting out the materials I’d need.



Everything was doing great until the first layer of wax (blue) was melted and ready to go. I poured it into the votive molds, no problem. And then came the polycarbonate pillar mold. The bottom has a hole in it, designed for the wick to go in. It came with a little plug that was supposed (supposed being the key word here) to plug the hole and keep wax from coming out. It didn’t. Instead, I ended up with a puddle of blue under my mold, so I had to handle the mold and plug trying to plug it back up again. Doing this while hot wax is dripping onto your fingers is not easy, and no where near pleasant in any definition. I ended up pouring the wax into an old jar that wax on hand because there was just no way of sealing the hole.

change containerpour wax

So after that I proceeded to do the layers of white and red. My record-keeping skills aren’t all that great, and I ended up not taking pictures of the rest of the process…this was also in part because of my disappointment in the project. So, this is what I ended up getting:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I put too much “white” wax in the jar & votives, so I had leftover red wax that I had to pour into tealight molds and a tiny jar that I was saving for a cute candle(needless to say I’m  no longer going to be using that jar). The “white” wax mixed with the blue a little bit when I poured it, so it became a light blue instead of the intended white. And to top it all off, I had a hard time getting the votives out of the molds, until I finally had the sense to run them under hot water to release them. So I ended up scarring two of the three for life. Last but not least, I didn’t plan on the wax sinking, so I didn’t save any wax to fill in the sink-holes…so overall the candles are not very pretty at all.

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