Hello Kitty Portfolio Case for iPad 2-3 w/ Wireless Keyboard

packagingI’ve been wanting to get a wireless keyboard case for my iPad 2 for a while now, but everywhere I looked they were just too expensive for something I just wasn’t “in love” with. But, when we were in Office Depot the other day I happened to see the Hello Kitty section(small, but enough to satisfy my girly Hello Kitty freak side) and of course I had to take a gander. And, obviously, I found the keyboard case and well…I just had to have it, and it was $50. Nearly half the price of some of the keyboards I’ve seen in places like Best Buy. 

To the Review

The box for the case is, well, pretty much everything you’d expect out of a Hello Kitty keyboardproduct container. It doesn’t give you much information about the case, but I suppose that, being a pretty easy to use and limited functionality item, a lot of info boxes isn’t necessary. It simply has a small info box on the back with these few bullets:

  • Protective Slim lined Leather Case for the iPad with keyboard Built-in
  • Spill-Proof Keyboard
  • Compatible with iPad 2 & 3rd Gen.

keyboardOn the front there’s a flap that opens up to display the case in the box (I didn’t realize this was there until after my photo shoot… v.v ). The only thing that one could consider an “instruction manual” that was included was a small slip of paper with the basic instructions on how to turn it on, connect it to the iPad, and charging it(which, by the way, it came with it’s own black charging cord that plugs into any USB charger adapter). Again, it’s really no big deal because the only reason anyone would buy this is because it’s a bluetooth keyboard…or if they collect everything Hello Kitty regardless of wether or not they can use the item. I have to say, I am in love with it. The keyboard is basically a silicone surface, so when the case is folded up the iPad’s screen doesn’t get scratched. This is a particularly good thing, because I never bothered to put a screen protector on my iPad simply because I knew I would always be super careful with it and I had gotten the Smart Cover(pink, of course) right along with it. So whenever I wasn’t using it, even to walk away from it for a second, on went the Smart Cover. Call me a bad iPad parent, but I’ve just never needed a protector and the screen is still very nice looking.


The iPad is held securely in place on all sides, and it’s easy to get in or take out. I’m fairly sure though, that with most thick cases, taking pictures with the iPad won’t be all that great simply because you’ll probably end up with the case in the way. But on second thought, who uses their iPad to take photos anyways? Especially with the crappy ones on the iPad 2. I honestly can’t think of anything bad to say about the case, it’s sturdy and seems to be well made. Wether it’s “spill proof” as it claims to be…well I’m not about to pour a glass of water on my case, iPad inside or not.


19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Portfolio Case for iPad 2-3 w/ Wireless Keyboard

    • katie1094 says:

      Unfortunately it does not. But if you’re worried about the keyboard scratching it, it won’t due to it being made of silicone. There are plenty of good quality screen protectors out there. I personally use invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG. They are great durable protectors. They don’t feel weird or bubble like others. They are completely worth the price. The front cover(covers the entire front side of the phone) is $14.99 on their site. Full body(I assume the entire phone) is $29.99. I recommend buying 2 covers because you will always mess up the first(lucky you if you get it the first time though).

      • gusrules says:

        Thanks for the suggestions! I’m looking at getting the HK stylus too–you don’t happen to use that one do you? 🙂

      • katie1094 says:

        No I don’t. I didn’t get it because I already have one and never even use that. Lol. The HK stylus is adorable though! No such thing as too much Hello Kitty!

  1. Jackie says:

    I just got this case as a gift and for some reason, it would not pair with my iPad 3. It won’t show up in the devices on bluetooth. Is there any specifics on how to pair? ._. any help would be great thanks. Also, the bluetooth light only lits up for a few seconds before disappearing, is this normal?

    • katie1094 says:

      I have not had any problems with it. When you first turn the keyboard on, the blue light will only be on for a few seconds. Did you follow the instructions properly? Here are the ones that I have:
      1: turn on the power toggle switch. the (bluetooth) indicator light will be on for 3 seconds, then it will go off.
      2: press on the Connect button. the bluetooth indicator will be blinking. the keyboard is now ready to be connected to the iPad.
      3: turn on and unlock the iPad. click on the iPad Settings icon.
      4: on the Settings menu, select ‘General’ then ‘Bluetooth’. turn bluetooth on. iPad will automatically search for a bluetooth enabled device.
      5: wireless keyboard found(under devices it was listed as “Bluetooth Keyboard” on my iPad). click on the device to connect.
      6: enter the password code as displayed on screen, then press enter on the keyboard.
      7: wireless keyboard connected successfully. bluetooth indicator light will go off.

      if this doesn’t help, then perhaps the keyboard needs charged? I hope this helped! sorry about the delay btw, been trying to find time to sit down and do it.

  2. Abby Nicole Troy says:

    I have one of these and everything was working perfect.. But then I lost my charging cord… Do you know where I can buy a new one?

  3. katelyn says:

    i just got this for christmas, and i really dont understand the charging derectionos. how do you know when it needs to be charged? and do you have to plug the usb into a computer or can i use my thing that lets the usb plug into the wall?

    • katie1094 says:

      on the top right of the keyboard you will see the word “charge” next to the on/off symbol. I believe a light will turn on below it when the battery needs charged. As for how to charge, you should be able to use the usb adapter to charge it from the wall, or charge from the computer. hope this helped. 🙂

  4. Anna says:

    Thanks to this blog post I was able to use my keyboard again. I haven’t used my keyboard since Christmas, and don’t have instructions. It needed a charge and I was having trouble syncing it up. Now its all working just fine. Great blog 🙂

    • Katie says:

      I can’t remember what type of cord it was exactly…I got rid of it quite a while ago. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful. 😦

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