First Time Hair Dye

So I finally decided that I was going to dye my hair. I’ve been wanting to do so for a while, and I knew I wanted a nice rich burgundy red color. Reason being because my natural highlight color is this awesome burgundy red. But, that only shows up in the summer when I happen to be in the sun a lot. And well, Florida = way too hot to be outside just because I want more highlight color. So yesterday I got myself a hair dye kit for a whopping $4. And, for four dollars I guess it was pretty good quality dye. It didn’t smell terrible(though I wouldn’t stay around the smell if I had a choice). And the color came out fairly nice I suppose. I can’t say I’m super happy because, I didn’t end up with nice burgundy red hair. I ended up with my natural dark brown hair that shows a vivid burgundy when in light. I almost had to use the entire bottle of dye just to get my hair saturated enough because I have really thick hair(which I’m really wishing I had used the rest of it now). I guess I’m semi happy with it. It won’t be entirely visible when my hair grows out, and it does show a nice red tint when in light. I was just hoping for more of a red and not so much brown…but lucky me I have dark brown hair…so good luck with any color other than like, black. So next time(if there is one) I will shoot for a slightly brighter red so hopefully there’s more of a visible difference even when I’m indoors. Though I guess it’s pretty darn cool that inside I have normal brown hair and outside there’s this neat red tinting going on.




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