Fing’rs Flirt Design-Her Complete Salon Kit: Swatches & Review

nailartsetTo be honest here, I only got this set because it has a dotting tool and a couple of other brushes. I’ve been looking for some temporary nail art tools so that I have something to use until I get my hands on better ones. So, when I found the set at CVS I decided to get it. It came with four mini bottles of polish. Red, hot pink, white, and silver glitter. Surprisingly the polishes were actually a nice thickness and only took one coat to get a nice color on. As mentioned before, it came with three (small) tools. A dotting tool, a fan brush, and a normal flat brush. These all worked ok, though with more practice with them I’m sure I’ll figure out a better way to use them. The set also came with a few stickers which look kinda neat, a little tub of a few rhinestones(black, hot pink, silver, and purple ones), and a tiny tub of glitter. I went ahead and tossed the glitter(kept the tub though after washing it thoroughly) because before I even opened it glitter was everywhere…so it all went in the trash. Sad, because I like glitter…but loose stuff is just way too messy.


All four polishes, red, pink, white and silver.


After I used the tools ( I know, the one with the flat brush just looks…messy lol)

I’m excited about the tools and I hope I can get a handle on how to use them properly šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Fing’rs Flirt Design-Her Complete Salon Kit: Swatches & Review

    • katie1094 says:

      wow, thank you so much! šŸ™‚ I really appreciate the support from everyone that visits my blog, and seeing that people actually enjoy what I post makes me really happy.

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