Wet N’ Wild Summer Set: Swatches & Review

I found this set at my local CVS about a week ago, and I couldn’t resist all the colors. The set came with six of Wet N’ Wild’s Fast Dry nail polish, a bottle of clear Fast Dry polish, and a small bottle of white polish. The white polish came with a small brush designed to be used with the stencils that also came with the set. Along with the polish was a nice new nail file with beachy designs of bikinis, starfish, and waves and two toe separators. All of this was packaged in a cute little metal bucket that had designs matching the nail file. I really like most of the colors, the only set back really is that they’re all kind of thin. But they dry fast (hence the “Fast Dry” labeling), so it’s no biggie in my book. I also thought it was really cute how they were all named after television shows.


So, here’s the swatches:

Fushia Rama (Futurama)


This is a really pretty fushia, and sadly the only non-sparkly polish in this set (not counting the clear polish or white).

How I Met Your Magenta (How I Met Your Mother)


A nice magenta color with subtle sparkles.

Sage In The City (I actually don’t know the TV show for this…anyone know?)


I LOVE this shiny lime green.

Teal Or No Teal (Deal Or No Deal)


A very nice sparkly teal color. Had to use 3 coats to get a decent color.

The Wonder Yellows (hehe…um…don’t hate me for not knowing this one too?)


A sparkly yellow. Had to use 3 coats to get an actual yellow color though. Orange ( )


Extremely sparkly orange. I seriously wonder if someone at Wet n’ Wild accidentally dumped too much glitter in the batch because when I went to take it off the glitter was everywhere. In fact, I think there are still some remnants on my fingers. I like the shade of orange, but I have a feeling that I won’t be using it often.

I didn’t bother swatching the clear polish, as it would be kind of pointless hehe. But I tested out the stencils, and well, let’s just say I never have liked those silly flimsy sticker-stencils in sets like these.



So there you have it. All 6 colors and the fact that I am completely oblivious to a couple of TV show names. Until next time!


8 thoughts on “Wet N’ Wild Summer Set: Swatches & Review

    • katie1094 says:

      me too. I really love how the more recent wet n wild polishes are thicker in comparison to how they used to be. I’ve also found that they’re even thicker than the ones I’ve gotten from Nicole by OPI.

  1. Impoverished Cristina says:

    The art from the stencil looks good, sorry to hear they were a pain to deal with. You’re the only review that comes up when I searched for WnW stencils, they’re being rereleased for the holidays. Oh, the yellow is named after The Wonder Years, a show that ran in the late 80’s.

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