Wet n’ Wild: Disturbia Review

disturbiaI think it’s official. I am addicted to nail polish…every time I’m at a store, be it Winn Dixie, Target, CVS, I just feel like I must get a new bottle of nail polish. So today I introduce the newest member to my polish collection. Her name is Disturbia. She’s an absolutely wonderful dark and mysterious shade of purple. Almost an eggplant shade, but at the same time a juicy grape color. It’s flecked with pretty shimmers, very subtle but noticeable. One coat looks like a nice grapey purple, two turns it into a deep almost-black shade. Honestly, looking at it makes me feel like it should smell like grapes for some reason. XD I think the best part is that Wet n’ Wild brand is cheap, but great quality. I also really love how it’s now geared towards a more professional, grown up style rather than one that says “I’m cheap”. I will definitely be using this soon…in fact, I’ve already got a great idea for tomorrow’s nail art tutorial. 🙂


Until tomorrow(which I am now christening “Nail Art Sundays”),

xoxo, Katie


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