Kiss Nail Art Paint: Review

kiss paint

from left to right: Bikini Pink, Beach Green, Pearl Blue, Black, & Silver Glitter

This review is made specially for Katherine at Sparkle Girl’s Life! She’s wanting to get into nail art too, so, Katherine, welcome to the world of Nail Art! It’s a truly addicting place, and you’ll never want to leave! Now on to the review.

The bottles are taller and thinner than your average polish bottles, which makes room for their long thin striping brush. When new, the paints are fairly thin, which makes it easy to control how much color you want, and easier to create designs because it’s not so goopy it just forms a messy glob. But, just like any polish, once it’s a few months old it gets thick. It’s still usable, but a bit harder to do so. I’ve also found that if you have them open for prolonged periods of time they will start getting a bit thick, but this can be remedied by putting the brush back in, screwing down the top, shaking it up a little and letting it sit for a few minutes. I only run into this problem though when I’m creating a fairly intricate and difficult design and it takes a while to create.


 Quick Tip: if your polish is looking too thick you can add a little bit(and I mean LITTLE) of nail polish remover, shake and stir it up and your polish should return to a nicer density!

For some reason this polish stuff also smells like the glue you use for model cars and houses…a little weird but nothing terrible. They can be found at CVS and Target, I’m not sure about other places since I do most of my nail polish shopping there. They’re sold in sets of three bottles. So far I’ve seen a set with Black, White and Silver sparkles & a set with Neon Green, Neon Pink, and a shimmery Navy Blue. They are also packaged with sticker stencils, but they tear easily and are difficult to use, so I just keep them around for inspiration for designs and never use them on my nails.

So far they are the best thing I’ve found for creating nail art, and are way better than nail art “pens”. Pens are always too hard to use and the polish doesn’t want to come out, I always end up ruining my base coat :(.

all colors

I hope this was helpful Katherine! For everyone else, see you next time!

till next post, Katie

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