OPI Shatter Polish in Gold: Review

I found this and couldn’t resist the sparky gold! I also felt like I needed to give OPI another chance after my review on Nicole: Live Your Life. The color was great, though the polish seemed a but clumpy and goopy. Is this normal for the OPI shatter polishes? I was very pleased with the appearance, before top coating it was a matte shiny gold. After top coating it turned into this super sparkly gold.
Sadly I’m again diissapointed by OPI.

3 thoughts on “OPI Shatter Polish in Gold: Review

  1. LACQUERLUV says:

    Omg you’re not alone, I faced the same problem!! I have so much faith in OPI too, the lady in the store u have apply a thin layer of shatter! I was saddened!!

    • katie1094 says:

      Yes I agree. It seems like their normal colors are great but their “special effect” ones stink. 😦 thanks for the nomination 🙂 will be getting to the posts alone.

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