Sally Hansen Nail Effects: Review

First, let me say I am so so so sorry for the lack of a nail tutorial up yesterday. I’ve had the week off and I completely lost track of days and got too caught up in chilling out. I feel terrible. Bad blogger! v.v So hopefully this will make up for it, and if it doesn’t, well…*sniffs* I’m sorry. *cries*

Lately I’ve gotten into a nail sticker streak, and I can honestly say that I am very pleased with these ones. Actually, it’s almost as if they aren’t even stickers, but more like nail polish that’s been dried onto slips of paper that you can peel off and place on your nails. They were incredibly easy to apply, and very flexible, which made it even easier to get them where they needed to be. And guess what? If some of the sticker went off of your nail and was running onto your finger, it was the easiest thing in the world to just take the provided cuticle stick to slice it away. AND…they stretch some so you can get them to fit on your nails, and they are the easiest thing in the entire WORLD to smooth out. I didn’t have a single problem with air bubbles or wrinkling. It’s amazing. I highly recommend these to everyone out there, they are thin and really feel like they’re just nail polish (psst. they also come off with nail polish remover). I haven’t had a problem yet with peeling except on my right index finger, but that’s only due to messing around with my new iPhone case. These stickers…are just incredible. They have lots and lots of designs, from the ‘Love Letter’ that I got, lace, animal print…I will SO be getting more. Honestly I don’t remember the last time I was so enthusiastic about a product. 🙂

So, onto the description…I sort of got carried away there…lol. The stickers are packaged in foil-backed plastic packets, which have a nail polish type scent to them when opened. Each sticker is covered with a thin plastic protective sheet on the design, and a nice papery backing. Included are a small wooden cuticle stick, a triple action nail file(hot pink part for filing your nail, peachy-nude part for removing access sticker, and white back to buff and smooth the nails), and super easy to follow instructions. I’ve got to say…these were really kind of fun to apply lol. I can’t praise these enough, and I know I’ll be getting more. The only sad thing is that there’s only enough in each box to do all ten fingernails once… 😦 And if I remember correctly they were around 9-10 dollars(US) at Winn Dixie. So they won’t be an “all the time” buy, but almost definitely a purchase I’ll make for special occasions or when I feel the need to splurge. What can I say, I love Sally Hansen Nail Effects!

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Disclaimer: I purchased these myself and was not paid or asked by ANYONE to review this product. The thoughts above are entirely my own.


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