Nail Art Sundays: Orange & Black Mickeys

My friends and I went to Disney Friday night for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and of course I had to create a brand new nail design for the occasion. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get many pictures of the event, but really who has time to take tons of pictures when you’re so busy going on rides and enjoying the moment? So without further ado, here is the look I came up with.

I decided to keep it fairly simple, with orange base and black tips. I just had to incorporate Mickey Mouse, so I used the plastic baggie method to create some Mickey shapes. Then, since the look was seemingly lacking in the sparkle department I added rhinestones to the tips of my nails. But then, in my shower the stones fell off since I hadn’t waited long enough for the polish to set, so I had to modify the look the next day.

Personally I like the finished result better than my original design. Simple, but perfect for the occasion. Plus, I had just bought a bottle of OPI’s Servin’ Up Sparkle that I really wanted to try out. So I added a couple more Mickey shapes and covered the black tips and Mickey’s with the glitter polish. Needless to say that I am very pleased with this polish. I was expecting it to be like Love Your Life Polish from Nicole that I got months ago. But much to my pleasure, OPI has gained my approval once more through this beautifully sparkly polish.

On a side note, how does everyone feel about this method of tutorials? Do you prefer more pictures of the actual process? I want to try to cut down on the number of photos I use to make my available storage space on WordPress last as long as possible. Or would it be ok with you guys if I did a good explanation of the process and only did multiple photos of designs that are more complex? I want to start doing my tutorials via YouTube within the next year or so, so once that happens I will be able to explain things better and you can actually watch it happening.

xoxo, Katie

Products Used

  • Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Nylon & Retinol Strengthener
  • China Glaze: Breakin’
  • Kiss Nail Art Paint: Black
  • OPI: Servin’ Up Sparkle
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails: Invisible

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