China Glaze 2012 Halloween Collection: Swatches & Review

Roughish Red

A really nice orangey red polish, which makes it perfect for pumpkins! It also reminds me of a color that witches would wear on their nails…weird of me perhaps? O.o

Roughish Red

Bizarre Blurple

I love the name of this one lol. It’s a beautiful deep purple polish, so purple that it looks blue in different lighting!

Bizarre Blurple

Goblin Glitter

I had a tough time finding a color category for this one. Is it orange? Brown? Green? So, I ended up putting it on my wheel of specialty polishes instead of with an individual color. It’s very sparkly, and just like any other glitter polish, very hard to remove with just a cotton pad and polish remover.

Goblin glitter on bizarre blurple

Goblin glitter on roughish red

Ghoulish Glow

I am very excited to have this one, it’s glow in the dark! Think of all the possibilities! I’m planning on using this one a lot this month for my Halloween designs. Sadly my camera sucks and wouldn’t pick up the glow in the dark. So this is how it looks in light, it goes on pretty clear. You do have to put on a couple of coats for it to glow nicely in the dark though.




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