Day 22: Inspired by a Song

This one took me a while to find inspiration, but upon skimming through my music on my iPhone it hit me. Caramelldansen! I’ve loved this song(and other songs by Caramell, yes, it’s an actual band in Sweden) since I discovered it on YouTube, and so I set out to finding small images of the people in the YouTube video. I learned this technique from someone on YouTube, and I can’t remember who I got it from…so whoever you are, thank you for showing this technique on YouTube! I found images from the YouTube video, scaled them down so they’d be small enough to fit on my nails, printed and cut them out(this was no easy feat mind you). Next I painted my nails with Disturbia from Wet n’ Wild for a nice background color. Then I put on a thin clear coat, topped with each small image and another top coat to complete the look. This is a first, using paper on my nails for designs. It seems like normal printer paper is too thick and not pliable enough to stick nicely to the nails.


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