Day 23: Inspired by a Movie

This had to be the easiest of the “Inspired by” challenges. I had just finished watching the Avengers for the first time(yeah I know, everyone else in the world has seen it already), and I absolutely loved it. I’ve got to say, Hawkeye has earned his ranking as second hottest hero(who, for those who are wondering, is none other but the one and only Ironman) in my mind with his incredible awesomeness with a recurve bow. *swoons* But on to the nails. 🙂 I can honestly say I’m happy with most of them, and the Avengers “A” turned out better than expected. The only two designs I’m slightly upset with is Ironman and Loki.

So here we have the left hand, and left to right is: Black Widow(red hourglass on black polish), Hawkeye (purple crosshair on dark purple), Thor (dark blue hammer on light blue), Iron Man (gold failure of a mask on red).

Next is the Avengers logo, which is on both thumbs.

Now, on my right we have (from left to right) Loki (gold failure of helmet on green), Hulk (purple with green), Captain America( shield on blue), and Nick Fury(eyepatch on brown).

There you have it, my lovely Avengers Nails!


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