I Did My Boyfriend’s Nails

My boyfriend is a very brave young man. He’s strong, funny, sweet…and macho enough to let me do his nails. Ok, to be honest, it wasn’t my idea. All the credit goes to his professor in his Marriage and Families class. I guess they were talking about gender roles, and for extra credit the guys had to have their girlfriend paint their nails. And for the girls, well, all they had to do was convince their guy to let her paint their nails. With the hard evidence of pictures, of course. I jumped at the opportunity, and knew you would all want to join in on this fun. And obviously, being a fanatic of nail art, I just couldn’t let him off the hook with a plain solid coat of anything.

It was amazing how long it took me to figure out what design I wanted to do. After all, this wasn’t just your average day design. My boyfriend was letting me paint his nails, and I had full creative license to do whatever I wished. Glitter? Hot pink? Hello Kitty? In the end I kept it in the spirit of Halloween. It was kind of weird, painting someone else’s nails. Later I told him that I felt like he and I were having a slumber party since I was doing my nails as well that day. After the base coat of clear polish was on he tried to squirm his way out of it…but nope! I made him sit through the rest of it. In the end I settled on two different designs, one on each hand. On his right [cue drumroll]


jack o lanterns

His nails were just short enough to be able to pull off decent pumpkins, though to be honest, trying to get on the eyes and mouths were annoying given my limited space. 😦

And on his left was…

Jack Skellington inspired nails!

Jack Skellington

I personally liked this one best, and I think I might end up doing it on my own nails at some point this month. 🙂 And here’s one last picture of both of us holding hands (just for proof I didn’t photoshop anything 🙂 )

Jack Skellington

All in all it was a wonderful bonding experience for both of us. Now what about you ladies? Think you can convince your man to be “macho” enough to let you do his nails? Leave pics in the comments section, or even make a post about it! I’d love to see the results!


6 thoughts on “I Did My Boyfriend’s Nails

  1. girlintheglasses says:

    Especially loving the Jack Skellington nails! I also think it’s awesome that your boyfriend let you do his nails. I got a hold of Captain Canada’s toe nails once. If I remember correctly, I believe we went with CG First Mate…so bright, so blue, so manly. lol

  2. Josh says:

    My girlfriend asked me and I let her because number 1 I care about her alot and wish to make her happy and 2 we got to spend some time together which was nice and also I’m kind of a jock football player for my high school and I never really ever thought of doing it but now me and my girlfriend do it like once a month just to bond and let loose I guess

  3. Pédro says:

    Hey I mean I let my girl do my nails today and not only did she do the but she found the most fluorescent red that she possibly could and gonna say screw it and swallow some and go to school tomorrow like this that smile on her face means the world to me and if I took them off I’d lose that amazing smile of hers, no one in my family backs me up on this but hey if I can push through them so one at school can get me!😂😂👌

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