Day 31: Recreate a Mani

So here we are. The very last day of the 31 Day Challenge. O.O So for this very last one I decided on another easy one, as I’ve been sort of pressed for time lately(if you haven’t noticed I went on a like 4 day streak without any posts ahhh!). This design isn’t inspired directly from the person that created this design, but rather another person who was inspired by that person…. Inspireception?? lol This is slightly different from the video but eh, what the heck.

I felt that it would only be right to give this girl credit seeing as though it was her video’s thumbnail that caught my eye to give me the inspiration for this look. So here is the link to the blog of the girl (Chloe) who created this look: Chloe’s Nails. And here is a link to  the video: Easy Edgy Manicure & Public Service Announcement. And to her channel: Sayanythingbrooke.


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