Nail Art Sunday: Converse Shoes

I was going to keep up with my designs for Halloween throughout October, but Vinegarandwater liked my converse nail design from my 31 day challenge post “Fashion”, so I promised her I’d make today’s tutorial on it. 🙂 While you’re at it, you should go check out her blog, a hub for women who are looking for quick affordable alternatives to skin, hair, and grooming solutions.


This is a really great design to do, as you can use any colors you want to match any of your outfits. I guess you could say that it’s a cheaper solution to going out and buying tons of differently colored Converse 😉

As always, you want to start with clean nails and a base coat. Next, pick your colors for the shoes. You can do all one color, or different ones like I did. Then, put on two coats of each color on your nails.

After the base coats are dry, use white polish to create the toe of the shoes. Take a striping brush(or dotting tool) with black polish to paint on the line across the toe, and add dots for the shoe laces(the lace holes can be skipped, but it helps to do the laces). Then use a dotting tool or striping brush and white polish to do criss-crossing laces. For a more fun look you could use an alternative color polish for your laces, like neon pink or maybe bright yellow. 🙂 Top everything off with a clear coat and there you are, 10 little Converse shoes, right there on your hands. Plus, a lot cheaper than buying 5 different pairs of them. LOL!

Products Used

  • Sally Hansen Nylon & Retinol Strengthener
  • Wet n Wild: Wet Cement
  • Wet n Wild: Blazed
  • Sally Hansen: Cherry Red
  • Wet n Wild: On a Trip
  • Wet n Wild: Black
  • Kiss Nail Art Paint: White
  • Kiss Nail Art Paint: Black
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Invisible

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