Nail Art Sunday: Jack-o-Lanterns

So this will be a bit of a lazy post, lately I’ve just had so much to do and take care of. We recently got new chicks to raise for meat (yummy) and we’re also working as fast as we can to get everything ready for one of our pigs who is due to give birth before too long. So let’s get started.

I went ahead and used the image from when I did my bf’s nails, I haven’t had time to even do my own nails(they’re starting to chip now…*sighs*). I began with a clear coat of polish, as you always should. Then was a couple coats of Roughish Red. After drying, I used a dotting tool and Wet Cement to create the lines on the pumpkins. Next up was taking a striping brush and black polish to paint on the eyes and mouth. Or, you could leave these off and just have pretty pumpkins. 🙂 Lastly was Going Green to paint on the leaves at the top of the pumpkins. Add a nice top coat and you’re all done!

jack o lanterns

Products Used

  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Invisible
  • China Glaze: Roughish Red
  • Wet n Wild: Wet Cement
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Going Green
  • Kiss Nail Art Paint: Black

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