Nail Art Tip

Hey all! I was doing my nails for today’s nail art and I decided I’d let you girls(and guys? Never know I guess) a quick tip for making stripes on your nails. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Tape

2. Scissors

3. Two nail polish colors

First, pull out a piece of tape, but DON’T tear it off! Just let it hand off the end a bit. Make sure it’s a little longer than the length of your nails. Next, use your scissors and a steady hand to cut into the tape, making little slivers. Almost like those flyers you see on message boards with tear off numbers.


Now you can make a cut nearly all the way across the top of all of your slices, I found its best to make this cut a little above the rest.



Then you can gently tear off each sliver of tape and place it on your nails (painted with a base color) as you go. No need to stick sliver after sliver onto the table, only to accidentally tape the rest of it to the table and have to try to peel it off. After this you can now paint a second color on top and wait for it to dry. Ta-da! You now have striped nails…of any color!


Quick tip: For wide strips of your second color, use thinner strips of tape. For thinner color strips, use wider tape.



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