Winter Nail Rehab

It’s winter time now, everyone. And Christmas is the day after tomorrow! And now that it’s winter it’s time for my yearly nail rehab session. In short, nail rehab is taking the entire winter season to let your nails rest and rejuvenate. I find that this is a must for me, since I do nail art all year long and always have polish on. Plus I find that around this time of the year my nails become brittle and peel and break very easily, so it’s the best time for me to let my nails rest. I always start off by cleaning my nails of any polish, then cut them all down super short and file them smooth. For the first night I apply a cuticle removing balm ( I use Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm). Then for the rest of the season I moisturize my nail beds with cuticle oil (the one I have now is Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail + Cuticle Oil) and use Vaseline intensive rescue repairing moisture body lotion on my hands to help with my winter-dry skin. Here’s what my nails look like now…


As you can see, they’ve gotten yellow over the course of the year due to polish wearing. They’re all shiny because I had just slathered on lotion. So for the rest of winter, I will be staying away from nail polish. But, I will still be doing a weekly nail art post, I’ll just be taking it off after taking photos. I’ll also show you guys photos of my nails along the way and at the end of rehab and share tips that I find through more research for healthier nails. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, or Happy What-have-you, and a Happy New Year.

Psst! Does anyone know of a good camera I can use for nail art photos and videos? I’ve been looking at some and I’m hoping to get one to start making those promised YouTube videos for you guys. 🙂


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