Oh my gosh guys! I’ve actually hit the 100 Followers mark! I’m so excited right now. 🙂

I want to say thank you, to each and every one of you. For sticking through my dry spells and occasional inability to keep posts on schedule. When I started this blog, I never would have thought that so many people would actually like what I posted. To be honest, I never really thought about what I would do if I reached 100 followers. So I’m sorry to say, I don’t have any give away planned…yet. But I do intend on holding a giveaway. It’ll just be a matter of figuring out what lol. I’ll think of something for sure. Keep an eye out this week for the give away announcement!

But until then, I’d like to thank all of you for following my blog. It really means a lot to me. Here are my followers, and links to their lovely blogs.

Thank you to….

  1. Patrick Latter & his blog, Canadian Hiking Photography
  2. Maya Chehade & her blog, Beyond the Polish
  3. The Fabulous Lane & blog
  4. Dr. Spy
  5. Ralphi & Johnny & the blog, O.G.P. Teen
  6. Elsie & her blog, Bowen Diaries
  7. Julia from her blog, Chatoyant Makeup
  8. Gerry & his blog, This is Unedited
  9. Attila Ovari & his blog
  10. Lightningpen & blog
  11. Tobi from the blog Nanweili
  12. Victoria & her blog, Made for Victory
  13. Ashee & her blog, Cupcakesakura
  14. Jus with her blog, JustinaWei
  15. Masquerade21
  16. Cas & her blog, All Things Girl Related
  17. Tianna & her blog, Storybook Apothecary
  18. Lindz & her blog, Girl in the Glasses
  19. Justdan93 & blog, Daily Economics
  20. Blerpyboop
  21. Jowi & his blog, Jowi Stinks
  22. Christina & her blog, Adventures in Polishland
  23. Katherine & blog, Sparkle Girl’s Life
  24. Paradise
  25. Leslie & her blog, Work / Play / Polish
  26. Bella from her blog, Lovely Beauty Tips
  27. Megan & her blog, Two Laqured Girls
  28. Deb from the blog, “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever…”
  29. Lauren Olivia & Co.
  30. Shipra & her blog, Taneja’s Bride
  31. Ami from her blog, Everysensory
  32. Harajuku Girl & her blog
  33. Nailmattic & blog
  34. The Eye of Faith
  35. Liz from Fabuliz
  36. Samir with his blog, Samir Nazim
  37. Kaye & her blog, Beautiful Kayekie
  38. The About The Pout blog
  39. Christine & her blog, Texana’s Kitchen
  40. Music will Save us All & blog
  41. JadeAleahaGeter
  42. Sophie from the Peach Milky Tea blog
  43. In The Gray Areas & blog
  44. dhutts
  45.  Zoe with her blog, The Zoe Pages
  46. Melissa & her blog, Eye Fly Solo
  47. Kelsey & her blog, The Kelsey Wolfe Blog
  48. jennifermdarling
  49. Kel & blog, Kelloves
  50. Lisa & her blog, Crazy Nail Lady
  51. emcatblogs
  52. Polish Alcoholic & blog
  53. Kellie from the blog Le Zoe Musings
  54. Hina & her blog, Beauty Wid Brainz
  55. Kacey Myrick & blog
  56. justBglam
  57. Luchessa & her blog, Beauty Expression
  58. LoveCraft Beauty blog
  59. Rajesh from his blog, Recovery Health
  60. Katy & her blog, All in the Blush
  61. Vinegar and Water & blog
  62. Spencer & his blog, Be MOP
  63. Alpacapoo & blog
  64. Jessica of the Product Hoochie blog
  65. Nicola & her blog, Nail Art for Funn
  66. Naomi & her blog, Bewitchery
  67. Ashley
  68. the By Their Hands blog
  69. the PS-Beauty Blog
  70. Prego and the Loon blog
  71. Yara & her blog, Ginger Twine
  72. Vinny & his blog, buttOnt4p
  73. Chelsea with her blog, Chello Gorgeous!
  74. JJ & her blog, The Out Crowd
  75. Jacqui & her blog, Craftynail
  76. albertomonnarmusic
  77. Vin & her blog, Vin’s Look Book
  78. Mommy Loves Nail Polish blog
  79. LuLu & her blog, Little LuLu Beauty
  80. Andrea & her blog, Alkeme Beauty
  81. Rex Home India & blog
  82. Brittany & her blog, Purely Sweet Thoughts xx
  83. Alina & her blog, Alina’s Scentsy Scents
  84. Must Have Boxes
  85. Daniela with her blog, Why Only for Parties?
  86. Sunny Sleevez & blog
  87. Opinionated Man & his blog, Harsh Reality
  88. Cheryl & her blog
  89. jadorebydesign
  90. Hollis & her blog
  91. Mason Bentley & blog
  92. dcraythorne & blog
  93. Live Life Love Bacon blog
  94. Valeriu & his blog, Remedy for Soul
  95. Jasmine & her blog, Flux and Flow
  96. Varnished Reputation & blog
  97. La Belle blog

And 3 email followers…(i’ve left your “@…s” out for your own privacy)

  1. kosmosd40
  2. reneecicigoi
  3. katelynwooten12

Again, thank you everyone. I really appreciate it. It makes me so happy to know that 100 people actually like my blog! So please, spread the love and check out one of the blogs above. Who knows, you may find another blog to follow. 🙂


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