Geek Talk: Why ThinkGeek is Awesome*

One of my favorite sites is ThinkGeek. They have sooo much cool geeky stuff. Everything from Portal to Minecraft. Star Wars stuff? You betcha. Geeky gadget accessories? Yep. Their site is like every geek’s dream…well, not according to the BF. He says that ThinkGeek is just “meh” simply because they are lacking Pokemon and World of Warcraft stuff. But for me, they’ve got it all. ^_^

Anywho, now I have just another reason to love them, aside from their frequent sales of course. The other night I was derping around on the interwebs, and I decided I’d take a gander at ThinkGeek, see what new stuff they might have. Upon my browsing of their site I discovered something wonderful. Something brilliant, something…magical almost. It’s name? The Olloclip. Basically it’s a 3-in-1 camera lens for you iPhone. It comes with a wide angle lens, a fish eye lens, and a macro lens. The latter being the main reason why I intended to purchase this little beauty. See, being a blogger means getting lots and lots of pictures. And it also means that said pictures need to be awesome. And for this little blogger (and for many others I’m sure), the iPhone is all I have for pictures. Sure, I could fork out a few bucks to invest in a good camera but my phone works just fine and I always have it with me. Why bother dragging around a different camera? The only flaw in this way of thinking is that the iPhone’s camera lacks the ability to get really good close-up shots. You get too close, and your image goes blurry and can’t focus. So naturally, this Olloclip seems to me like the best choice. This will be perfect for taking pictures of my nail art, because I find that I can never get close enough to get a good detailed image. 😦

Also, while I was meandering through the site, I found a couple of tank dresses that I fell in love with (an R2D2 one, and a Harley Quin one). So I tossed those into my shopping cart along with the Olloclip. I realized this was a pretty hefty purchase, so I decided that it’d be best to let those items marinate in my shopping cart over night so I could decide the next day if I *really* wanted them. Needless to say I still wanted them the next day, I mean come on, who can pass up an R2D2 tank and that awesome Olloclip?

It was decided, after work the next day I was going to make that purchase. But during the work day I found an email…from ThinkGeek. No big surprise there, as I get them quite frequently. But what’s this? They sent me a coupon code for no good reason? Yeah it’s true! ThinkGeek actually sent me an email containing a coupon code for $10 off of an order of $60 or more. Here’s a screenshot of the email:

thinkgeek is awesome

Wicked cool right? Obviously, I still had to pay shipping, and it was only $10 off of an order of around $130….but it’s the thought that counts right? So ThinkGeek has given me yet another reason to love them. 🙂

Keep an eye out for a review on the Olloclip in upcoming posts! I will definitely be itching to show it off! lol.

till next post, Katie

*this is not a sponsored post. this is based on my personal experiences and/or opinions


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