Review: China Glaze Real Nail Appliques

items in this post were purchased by me to use and review*

Since starting this blog, I have found a new love for nail stickers. I hate having bare nails, and while I love having designs on my nails, I often just don’t have the time to sit and do a detailed design. So I’ve formed a sort of addiction to nail stickers. I’ve already reviewed stickers made by Kiss and Sally Hansen, and sadly only one of them (the Sally Hansen ones) fit the bill for a good nail sticker. So, when I saw that China Glaze had their own stickers, I naturally had to try them out.

I picked out the Loophole design and brought my new stickers (and a few other nail things, which I’ll be posting reviews on before too long as well) to the register and checked out. I’ll have to admit that these sat on the “to review” shelf tiny section of empty space left of my polish rack for a while due to the remodeling of my blog. So I’m very happy to finally review them.


They are packaged in a nice little cardboard envelope type thingy that gives you a nice view of the design, and on the back it says that the nail appliques are supposed to last up to 7 days.


Inside the envelope are 16 nail stickers, detailed instructions, a nail file, and a cuticle stick.


The appliques were fairly easy to put on. They’re a good deal thinner and therefore more manageable than the Kiss Nail Stickers, but unlike the Sally Hanson Salon Effects Strips, they are just too thick enough to make for easy trimming. I have fairly narrow nail beds, and most times I find that nail stickers or stick on nails are too wide for me. So I had to try to tear away some of the access sticker without tearing it to shreds.



For $11, these are a little less than I bargained for. But that’s only because theses were just a tad too thick to be able to easily tear away access sticker from my nail bed. But, considering these are nail stickers, they are pretty good quality.

The Beautiful Geek Rating: 4 of 5 stars






See you on Wednesday for a review on the Olloclip!

till next post, Katie

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