Pins of the Week #2: Liner, Clothes, and Magnets

This week’s post features a super easy winged eye liner look, an adorable outfit, and the cutest plants ever!

You can click the numbered titles to go to the websites where the pins originated.

#1: Winged Liner Look from Nikki at Create This Look For Less

This looks super easy, it’s actually quite close to how I do my eyeliner.

Image credit goes to Nikki at Create This Look For Less. Click the image to visit her site.

#2: Brown Wrap Sweater with Shawl Collar from Alysfashionsets on Polyvore

I love this outfit sooo much! It’ll be perfect for this fall. Now I just have to find some clothes that look similar…lol.

Image credit goes to Alysfashionsets on Polyvore. Click the image to go to the page for this outfit.

#3: Mini Magnet Succulent Garden from Shabby In Love

Aren’t these the cutest little succulents ever? I want to make some of these to put on my refrigerator one day. đŸ™‚

Image credit goes to Shabby in Love. Click the image to go to the blog.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for stopping by for this week’s POTW, tune in next Monday for a new Nail Art Design! I’m excited to start doing more nail art, and I hope you guys will enjoy it. Have a good weekend all!

till next post, Katie


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