Pins of the Week #3: Beautiful Brows + Luscious Lips

I’ve recently noticed I’ve become very lax in my Pinning. Figures right? When I finally decide to put my pinning addiction to good use, I don’t have the urge to do so? lol. I’ll try this whole Pins of the Week thing for a couple more weeks, and if it doesn’t get better by then I’ll find something else to start a series on for Fridays. 🙂

You can click the title of each item to go to the source site.

#1: The Subtle Brow Trick by The Beauty Department

I have always had some major issues with shaping my brows, they never turn out right. I’ve always got one brow that looks great, and the other is…well, less-so. 😦 Perhaps this will help me?

click the image to go to the source

#2: Juicy Cherry Lips by The Beauty Department

Ok, confession time. I love The Beauty Department’s blog. 🙂 lol. Just as much as I love red lips. Granted, I’m not a huge fan of lip gloss (it makes my lips feel goopy and sticky, like i’ve left honey or syrup on them…ick). But this look was too pretty not to pin.

Click the image to go to the source

And there we have it…again, not a lot this week, but maybe I need to schedule time to spend on Pinterest each day. Or, like mentioned above, perhaps I just need to find a different post to place on Fridays.

till next post, Katie

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