Review: Griffin Tech Pencil Stylus

items in this post were purchased by me to use and review*

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a sucker for anything for my iPad. From cases to stylus’, I’m all over that. So, whilst perusing my local Target last Friday with the one and only BF, my eye caught a glimpse of this adorable little bugger. That’s right everyone, I’m here to introduce to you the Griffin Technologies Pencil Stylus.


Ta Da!!! Cute eh? I’m just sitting here fawning over it. ^_^ BF of course, who doesn’t understand my love for iPad’s and their accessories, thinks I’m crazy. But, to each her own I say. I went ahead and used my favorite note-taking app (Noteshelf, I love love LOVE this app, I’ll have to do a review at some point in time) to test it out…


And for those who can’t read my handwriting (I’m sorry):

The first thing to note is how very pencil-like the stylus feels. It is a good length and has about the same in-hand weight as a real #2 pencil. The stylus writes smoothly, though you need to hold it fairly up-right, otherwise it won’t write very well. This is fine for me, as it fits my writing style just fine. For those that hold their pencil at more of an angle however, this could be a bit problematic.

I found it stood up well when signing my name, which is always a good thing. The Griffin Pencil Stylus is just a tad bit shorter than your average un-sharpened #2, but this helps determine your stylus from a real pencil. I found that it was much more comfortable to hold when writing due to it’s longer length, something that my Bamboo stylus was lacking a good inch of.


I would definitely recommend that you don’t leave this lying around anywhere though. Especially in a classroom setting. Anyone desperate for a pencil will see yours and just *yoink* what they think is an innocent and unguarded pencil. This isn’t exactly a cheap “pencil” either, cashing in at $17 from Target.


The Griffin Technologies Pencil Stylus is perfect for anyone that is looking for a longer stylus to use when taking notes on their iProducts. Though I wouldn’t recommend using it for playing games, it’s great for when you need to jot something down in class. This faux pencil would look fantastic when paired with an iPad dressed (yes, I said dressed) in a Composition notebook cover.

The Beautiful Geek Rating: 5 of 5 stars






I love using this stylus, and I hope you will too! I’ll see you this Friday for another Pins of the Week (I promise I’ll post one lol). Now for a quick little question: What is your favorite stylus to use? Bamboo? Jot? Leave a comment down below!

Also, for anyone who’s wondering, the app I was using in the first image of the post is called Paper. It’s a fantastic art app, and I love using it for on-the-go sketching and doodling. Hmm…well there’s another idea for a post. 😀

till next post, Katie


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