Chalk Board Nail Art

School is starting back up again, so I decided I’d show you all this really cute and easy design. Chalk boards may not be used as much as they used to be, but I think that they’ll forever be a symbol of the classroom. Here’s how to pull off this adorable look:


  1. Paint 2 coats of Impeccable Greys onto your nails
  2. Once dry, cover with a coat of Matte Me Crazy for a nice chalk-boardy look
  3. Use Wet Cement to paint your tips, simulating the edge of the board
  4. Using a striping brush and white paint, paint on simple and cute “chalk” designs. You can add pieces of chalk on the tips of your nails for added details

This one is definitely up there with some of my favorite designs, and I hope it’s one of yours too.

Here’s what I did last year for my back to school nail art. 

till next post, Katie

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