OMG Nail Strips: REVIEW

Alrighty everyone, I’m back in the saddle and ready to ride again after a week of no blogging (more on that in a later post). Today I’m here with a review for Will Conklin from OMG Nail Strips.

items in this post were provided for my review*

At a glance, the OMG Nail Strips are very much like the Sally Hansen Nail Stickers. The directions for application are very easy to follow, and they even have a video how-to on their website (click here for the OMG Nail Strips Application tutorial). I decided to go with the Diamonds design, as it would be something simple and versatile for me to wear. Will sent me the nails strips to me without packaging, as they were re-designing them at the time.


As I said, they look very much like the strips from Sally Hansen. The directions are simple, and it took me only a matter of minutes to get all of the strips on. They are very thin, and basically feel like a layer of polish, again much like the Sally Hansen ones. They are pretty much exactly like Sally Hansen nail stickers, which means of course, I really like them. They don’t peel easily, which most other stickers are quick to peel and catch on things. Here’s how they look, nice and pretty on my nails. πŸ™‚


I found that the OMG Nail Strips hold up surprisingly well when trimming your nails (mine were all breaking…the horror). None of them decided that they were going to peel when cutting. πŸ™‚ I did, however, discover that when you remove them they smell horribly of licorice. Granted, it could just be my nose being weird, and you may actually like the way licorice smells. lol. But that would be my only issue with these. Oh, and might I note that these stickers do NOT come off easily. Which, is a good thing, but when you actually do want to remove them it was a pain to get them soaked enough with polish remover to make them pliable enough to peel off. *shrugs* You win some, you loose some right?

OMG Nail Strips have some really cute designs to choose from, like these adorable mustaches:

image credit goes to OMG Nail Strips. click the image to go to their site

What’s even better is that you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders, US and international. Awesome huh? And, as of now, they have two awesome offers to choose from.

-Pick and 4 sets of nail polish strips for $20 using coupon code: 4pack

-Pick any 10 sets of nail polish strips for $45 using coupon code: 10pack


I was really skeptical about these nail stickers, just because most of the nail stickers I’ve tried before from widely known companies just aren’t up to par with my standards for nail stickers. So I figured that I’d never find any brand as good as Sally Hansen. But I was wrong this time, and happily so. The OMG Nail Strips have proved to be a strong contestant against Sally Hansen. I may have to order some more… πŸ˜‰

The Beautiful Geek Rating: 5 of 5 starsfive(5)

And that’s a wrap! I hope you guys will give these nail stickers a go, they’re really worth the money. Not to mention they’ve got lots of cute designs to choose from πŸ™‚

till next post, Katie

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