Some Changes…

Happy Monday everyone! As you all probably noticed I took last week off, which is perfectly fine. I have a blog, but I also have a life. And in the grand scheme of things, my life has to come first. So, last week I had to take some time to organize and figure stuff out for my real life, and to figure out a better life/blog/business planning/work balance. It seems like so much…but I know that once I get an efficient plan put in place (and stick to it, that’s the hard part) I’ll be able to handle everything.

The BF and I are planning on moving out sometime in the near future, so lately I’ve been setting up spreadsheets like nobody’s business. Spreadsheets on income, spreadsheets on expenses, on and on and on. And you know what? I’m not even done with those spreadsheets. Yup. I’m the girl that will plan and plan and plan (and then re-plan) everything and anything she can. There shalt not be anything that’s NOT pre-planned. Of course, we all know that there’s this little thing called “life” that tends to change a lot. So, I decided it was time for a new plan. So, what is this new plan, you ask? It’s simple, really. My plan is to….

Not Plan

Well, when it comes to my blog at least. I’m going to stop the weekly scheduled posts. It was putting me under too much pressure to keep up with a blogging schedule. So from now on I will just be posting whenever (and whatever) I can and want, or need. Some weeks may have lots of posts, while others will have few or none. I may just post stuff on beauty products, or maybe geeky stuff. Or a nice blend of both. So for the most part, my blog will be like my life. Random, but steady. Does that make sense?

I will be trying to do my posts on my every day life, and I really want to get more into blogging about my business. But one step at a time.

Once I move out of my parents house I will definitely have more time to blog, and to work on my business. Which I am sooo excited about. Right now there’s just too many chores and to-dos on the family farm to save any room for much blogging or business planning 😦

So what’s up with me? Quite a lot really. BF and I are going to take a look at an apartment complex this Friday, and I’m super excited about it. It looks…perfect. And the best part about it is that we will be able to bring Harli with us, and a $25 per month pet fee (the cheapest we’ve been able to find in our area). We plan on splitting rent with a friend, which will definitely lighten the load for us poor kids. I think the only thing about this whole thing that’s stressing me out is the fact that I haven’t mentioned any of this to my parents…I’m just terrified of telling them, you know? I’m afraid that they’ll try to guilt-trip me into staying (“oh we need your help so much here, you make everything easier”, and the rest). But, I’ll just have to suck it up and stand my ground I suppose. I mean hey, if I can hold my ground against them trying to make me go to college (long story, and definitely one for later post), I can hold my ground against them on this too. Yeah. Go team Katie! I can do this…I think.

Well, regardless of how *that* conversation goes, I’ll let you guys know lol.

till next post, Katie


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