Thoughts on Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood


For those of you who have not finished the game, you may or may not want to read this post.

I just finished the game a few days ago, and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed. I expected the game to be poorly written, dull, and basically just a filler-game for until the next full game came out. The game starts off immediately after the ending of Assassin’s Creed 2, starting the game by getting Ezio out of Rome and back to your Uncle Mario’s villa. Everything seems to be happy and fine, and even Ezio is now at ease. But of course, I’m sitting there like “oh gosh something really bad is going to happen”. And of course, it does. Ezio is brought awake by the sounds of cannon-fire, hastily dresses and before grabbing all of his armor looses it to a cannon ball. I was instantly ticked off at him for losing Altair’s armor. After all that work I put into getting it in the last game, and Ezio goes and gets it shot to bits! *sigh* Then, Mario is murdered by Cesare Borgia, accompanied by his sister (and lover?! O.O *cringe*) Lucrezia Borgia and an army. Ezio, his sister Claudia, and their mother manage to escape the village with the citizens. Oh, and did I mention that Cesare takes the Apple of Eden as well? Yup. He does.

Eventually Ezio wakes up in Rome, where he finds everything under the Borgia control. He meets with Machiavelli to talk about what to do next. Machiavelli explains how things are in Rome at the time, and they come across an area of Rome that is under Borgia control. Ezio now must go into the area, kill the Borgia captain, and then burn down the tower. This first one proved a pain in the arse to tackle, as the Borgia captain is a much better fighter than your average guard, and Ezio’s armor is pathetically weak. So, after dying a few dozen times and cursing violently at the screen for being such a pain, I finally managed to kill off the captain and could burn down the tower.

This was the main part of the game, to rid Rome of the Borgia. The rest of the game consisted of renovating and buying shops, saving citizens to recruit them to the Assassin’s Brotherhood, and finding and exploring lairs of Romulus to get the keys to the Armor of Romulus. And, since Rome is so freaking huge, you’re finally granted the capability of riding horses into and around cities. This saves a ton of time getting between memory starting points, and keeps you from having to jump along rooftops and risk getting into trouble with the guards. Granted, sometimes it’s easier to go on foot. Along the way you also find more glyphs, and have to solve the puzzles again. For some reason I found these ones much more difficult and annoying to figure out than the ones in AC 2.

In your few moments of playing as Desmond, you come to see that he is starting to loose the capability to keep memories and real life separate. Desmond, Lucy and the others find refuge in Mario’s villa, which is now a bunch of ruins. The main entrances are all blocked off, but with the help of a ghost-like figure of Ezio, Desmond is able to lead himself and Lucy to a secret entrance to the villa. While exploring the underground passageways, you notice that Desmond and Lucy seem to have gotten quite close since their meeting in the first game. If you exit the Animus and visit the laptop that Lucy and the others have set up for you, you can hack into your companion’s email accounts and find out that Desmond has been screaming in his sleep a lot…definitely worrying.

Back inside the Animus- and Ezio’s memories- you get to buy a crossbow. This was a huge improvement to the game, as it makes stealth kills much easier to pull off, since throwing knives no longer do anything more than tick the guards off. During missions, you’re also given little goals to try to achieve like “Do not be detected” or “only kill your target” or “kill your target from a bench”. These were fun to try to get, though I’m apparently not a good enough assassin to achieve the “do not be detected” ones.

Overall I really enjoyed the game, I enjoyed being able to call my assassin’s to help me fight off guards, and the story was well written. Though it was quite sad when Lucy died…*sigh* stupid Juno…but anyways, now I’ve started Revelations, and I’m very eager to get out of the Animus and figure out what’s going on, and who is Bill? I have a feeling he isn’t the good guy he plays himself to be.

What about you guys? What did you think of Brotherhood? Tell me about it in the comments section below!

till next post, Katie


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