Big, BIG News!!!

I’m Moving Out!!!

Yep. You read that right girls and guys. I am moving out of my parent’s house this Sunday. We (BF, Roomie and I) signed the papers last Sunday, and starting this coming Sunday we will be the proud (and kind of scared…but maybe that’s just me) key-holders to our apartment. It’s a lovely and cozy little 3 bed, 2.5 bath town home. The best part? They have no breed or weight restrictions for pets, and pet rent is $25 per month…but since BF and I are UF Employees, we get a $25 discount on our monthly rent, so Harli is basically here free of charge. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll be living right here in Gainesville, and the apartment complex is close to everything. Work, grocery store, the movie theater and the shopping plaza….not that we’ll be able to afford going to movies very often.

Now time for the heart to heart. As exciting as it all is…I’m terrified. The same questions keep popping up in my head. “What if we don’t have enough money to pay all of the bills?” and “What if I find out that I really don’t like BF now that we live together?” are the two most common ones. In reality, I’m sure we’ll be able to pay all of our bills. We’ll have to really watch our spending and won’t be able to go out often, but we’ll make do. And I know that it’s not likely that I’m going to grow to hate BF after we live together for an entire year…but I know well enough that living together can make or break a relationship. But I’ve decided to look at it in this light: It’s better to test the waters of living together for 1 year now, than to get married and find you can’t stand that person but end up stuck with them (I was taught that marriage is a serious thing, and once you’re married, it’s ’till death do us part…something I wish more of society would see it as, but that’s another matter). And, if worse comes to worse, it’s a 3 bedroom unit, so if I do hate him I can stay in the 3rd bedroom until the lease is up (next August). If I decide that I really can’t stand him then I will just have to bite the bullet and break the lease, swallowing whatever fees there may be. But, I’m set on at least trying for a whole year.

The reasonable side of me tells me that everything will be fine. That I’ve spent enough time planning and crunching numbers to know that we will have enough money to cover all of our bills, plus a bit extra to put into savings at the end of the month. And that I’ve been dating the same guy for more than 3 years now, so he can’t be bad enough to make me hate him just by living with him. Though my realistic side tells me that that last statement can never really be known to be true until actually put to the test.

I think the scary thing is knowing that it’ll just be me, BF, Roomie, and Harli…no parents. No little brother. No family. My entire family lives in a little small town (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Brother-in-law, Grandparents…). I’m going to be miles away from them in a city. A good hour drive away, not just 30 minutes away like my sister is, or across the house like my brother. Miles. Not a lot, I mean I’m not going cross-country or anything. But still. When you’ve lived with your parents for 19 years, in the same house…when your second best friends are your mom and little brother…it’s going to be really really hard.

It’s kind of funny, really, how we spend all of our teen years saying that we can’t wait until we’re 18 and move out of our parents house. To make our own rules, do what we want when we want. And then that 18th year hits us square in the face, right out of nowhere. Suddenly we wish to be 13 again when our biggest concerns were school grades and the crush you would never bring yourself to tell that you liked them. When money was the least of your worries, and if you wanted something you’d ask your parents for it. And yet, no matter how much we’re told to enjoy being a kid because adulthood will come sooner than we think, we still wish to be an adult. And when adulthood comes we wish we had followed our elder’s advice.

But no more of that. I’m done letting myself second-guess this decision. I just have to keep swimming. Now I just need to focus on getting things ready for the weekend. The big day…and try to keep my nerves from destroying me before then. I’ve got almost everything sorted out, I just need to stock up on some supplies (cooking tools mostly, but I also need a mattress set lol) and schedule for my mailing address to change. Did you know you could do that online through USPS? Very helpful. I’ve also set up an appointment with the vet to have Harli updated on her shots and microchipped; that way if she somehow gets lost we’ll be able to track and find her. Poor girl is going to hate me by the end of Saturday. She has to get shots, chipped (also given as a shot), and a bath for flea medicine.

So do you guys have any tips for me on moving out? How did you feel when you moved out of your parent’s house? Let me know in the comments section below! ๐Ÿ™‚

till next post, Katie

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