iOS 7, Here We Come!

this is not a sponsored post. I was not offered any form of compensation to write this. all thoughts and opinions are my own* 

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a huge Apple fangirl. I love Apple products. Every product I’ve owned has worked so wonderfully and just makes it a joy to use, even for daily and mundane tasks like basic office work. Heck, I loved my iMac at work so much that I invested in one for myself at home. And while I don’t consider myself a “hardcore” Apple fan-girl (I don’t have the urge to buy every single new product they push out, however awesome they may be – my iPad 2 works just fine), I’m always excited to see their newest pieces of technologic goodness. Like the to-be-released-tomorrow iOS 7. I’m totally psyched for it. It looks so clean, functional, minimal, and deliciously pretty (yeah, I’m kinda shallow in that way), and much more Apple-Like (sorry Steve Jobs). I think it’s about time that they updated the look of their products on-screen to match the sleekness of their physical forms. Here’s a rundown of what I’m looking forward to (and will be ready to download first thing tomorrow) in iOS 7:

#1 Gorgeous New Design

Something about how the new iOS looks just screams “APPLE” to me. Perhaps it’s the clean lines and graphics. Or the transparency of things like the notification center and keyboards. Or maybe it’s how 3-Dimensional it seems. I think a lot of it is how much brighter and cleaner and more colorful it seems. More modern and well…Apple-y.


#2 Super-cool Features (woot!)

Nothing makes my geeky heart happier than when given even more neat features to use and take advantage of. Even better is when these new features makes my Apple products more functional for me to use, and more fun. Like the improved Control Center; all of the basics just a swipe away. Music, brightness, wi-fi, calculator, camera. Oh, and a flashlight. The new iOS makes multi-tasking even nicer and easier. It will learn when you like to use certain apps; so if you look at your social apps at 9, it will make sure that your social feed is updated by then.


#3 iTunes Radio

Hello iTunes Radio, Goodbye Pandora. I think that this will likely put Pandora Radio out of business. Because iTunes Radio is basically like Pandora, except you can add a song to a “wish list” on iTunes or purchase it directly in the app. You can also see a history of songs you’ve heard from iTunes Radio, so if you hear a song you like but can’t remember the name, all you have to do is check your history.


#4 Siri

As of now I have an iPhone 4. No Siri. 😦 But I’m planning on upgrading to an iPhone 5S so…. 🙂 Siri will be even more functional and capable of helping you. From returning calls, controlling iTunes Radio, and even referencing online resources like Wikipedia to answer your questions. Not to mention that Siri will sound more human than ever (also available will be a male voice).


Granted, the iPhone 5S will help iOS 7 be even more functional than if you ran it on, say an iPhone 4 or 4S. But it will still be a huge change for Apple…a change that I’m very much looking forward to.

Here’s a list of what products iOS 7 will be compatible with:

  • iPhone 4 and up
  • iPod Touch 5th generation 16 GB + iPod Touch 5th generation 32 GB / 64 GB
  • iPad 2 and up

Keep a look out for a “First Impressions” post on the new iOS by the end of the week!

till next post, Katie

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