What Doesn’t Kill You…

Makes you stronger! Not only is this the name of one of my current favorite songs by Kelly Clarkson, but it’s the truth. If you went into a difficult situation and didn’t end up dead, it only made you stronger. And the harder the time you have, the stronger you will come out in the end. I know, it’ll suck a lot at the time, but just remember that when you look back at everything you’ll remember that you fought through it and came out alive and strong again. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger I may not be able to understand what hardship you’re going through right now, and I possibly never will. But trust me when I say that you’ll be ok. We’ve all seen our fair share of pain and bad times. But you know what? We always end up getting through it and moving forward. till next post, Katie *image was created thanks to PicMonkey (again, NOT a sponsored post)*


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