Mani Monday: Chevron & Coral Nails

Happy Monday everybody! I’m so happy to be getting back into doing nail art and posts again! And for this tutorial, I’ve got one that was very strongly inspired by a Pin on Pinterest (I tried to find the source for you guys, but couldn’t find it anywhere except on Pinterest itself). Here’s the inspiration:

And here’s the copycat, tutorial included. šŸ™‚

chevron & coral.tutorial.jpg

  1. Paint all of your nails except the middle coral. Paint your middle nail white.
  2. Paint your ring finger-nail with a gold polish, and use your gray to create a chevron pattern.

Now, I realize that I didn’t go over how to do the chevron pattern (that and I wasn’t feeling in the mood to take step-by-step pictures anymore because trying to do the chevron pattern was bugging the heck out of me after 2 failed attempts). So, to remedy this I created a second tutorial for you guys, but in digital format!


Pretty simple eh? I know, I know, simpler said than done. šŸ˜‰ Basically, you would start off with a grid of dots, and connect those dots with your “chevron lines”. After that all you’ve gotta do is fill in the lines.

till next post, Katie




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