Mani Monday: Pink & White Zebra Stripes

It’s Monday again everyone!….I know, I know, Mondays suck. But that’s why I do my best to make sure that I post something every Monday, to give you all something to look forward to, and hopefully something to start your week off well. This week you can rock this adorable mani and show off your girly & wild side! I hope you guys enjoy this one, I’m trying to get better at taking instructional shots! 🙂



  1. Paint your nails with 2 coats of Cotton Mouth
  2. Using a striping brush (a toothpick will work just as well!) start painting on stripes
  3. Don’t worry about being too neat, the idea is to make it look stripy and confusing, and no two zebra’s markings are alike!
  4. Finish up your design and repeat on the rest of your nails.
  5. *tip* use a photo of a real zebra or zebra pattern as a reference to get a feel for how the stripes should look

I’ve always been a huge fan of zebra stripes, and this look is a perfect way to show off this bold style, while still keeping everything bright and summery! Good luck and I hope you have a great week! Let me know what you think of this tutorial in the comments below, or let me know what design you want to see in the future!

till next post, Katie



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