Where am I now?

Ok, so the last time I updated you guys on my life I was going to go for an interview at a local animal clinic, was still living with & getting over my ex, and not in the best of places in life.

Update 1: I GOT THE JOB! Yep. And as of the 22nd of July, I will have been working at the clinic for 3 months! I love working there, helping animals. No 2 days are alike, and there’s so much to learn and take in. I love the people I work with, and just…everything. Everyone. All of it. I never thought that I’d be this happy working anywhere in my entire life.

Update 2: I messed up the driver’s test because I hit the cone whilst parking……..and I haven’t yet had an opportunity to reschedule.

Update 3: I am living with my parents, and have essentially cut all ties with the ex. I’m moving on, and moving forward. It’s been ridiculously difficult…but I know it’ll be worth it in the end. I have gotten better at focusing on me and my happiness, and looking at the silver lining. And well…if you haven’t noticed from my Instagram feed over there { —–> } I’ve become more proud of myself and confident, and I have grown fond of taking selfies. (not too many, I promise lol)

Update 4: And…if you also haven’t noticed from my Instagram feed, I have also adopted a kitten. His name is Pascal. He was brought into the clinic one day by someone that found him on the side of the road. His back right leg was broken, and it came down to him either being put down or someone bringing him home. Obviously you can see what choice I made. He’s grown so much in the last 3 months, and his leg healed up perfectly (and quickly!). Before we knew it he was jumping and climbing all over anything he could get his paws on.


I know I haven’t gotten around to replacing the older images on the blog, but I’ve been kinda busy with my 2 dogs and new kitten, and work and everything…so I’ve just accepted that I’ll get around to it when I get around to it. lol. And, I have started working out again too! Right now I’m really out of shape…but my goal is to at least get semi-fit. Right now however, the goal is just to get into the habit of working out period, and maybe even grow to enjoy it.

till next post, Katie

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