Pray for Strength

Hello everyone! How’s your Sunday been doing? This week’s quote is…


This quote means quite a lot to me, and it’s been especially useful for me these last few months. We often get into difficult situations, and every now and then the matter is so unpleasant that we wish that we could simply have an easier life. How unfair is it that you have to be the one to bear this back-breaking burden? Why should you have to deal with this, and have so many problems in life when it seems like everyone around you has things so much easier? You have to deal with this huge issue, and the person next to you is complaining about how their order got messed up at McDonald’s. How wonderful would it be if that was your greatest concern right?

But don’t think like this. Don’t wish that things were easy, or that you could push all of your problems on to someone else to deal with. Pray and hope for the strength and perseverance to bear and deal with this. Because at the end of it all, this hardship will pass and you will be a much stronger and better person. A person that never has any problems, a life without worries, is the weakest person in the world. In fact, here’s something that I posted on Facebook a couple of years back, so today you’re getting 2 quotes!

Some are born with everything in the palm of their hands. Others are born with it all on their shoulders. Guess who ends up being the stronger person.

So, in essence, it means that all of the hardships and difficulties you face in life will make you a stronger person and build you up for your next challenge in life. The experiences and things you learn from your past hardships will give you the ability to react and deal with new challenges better than if you had never had any problems in life. Stay strong. You can do it. I believe in you!

till next post, Katie



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