Vampire Counts: Black Knights & the Wight King

So I decided to see how I liked painting some of the Vampire Count models…let’s just say I never want to paint skeletons again. Ever. But, nevertheless, here are the figures I painted. I used Citadel brand paints & primer, which you can order online or at a Games Workshop store. There are also some comic book shops out there that sell Citadel paints and Warhammer figures. I don’t remember which paints I ended up using, but in the future I will make sure to keep a listing of the paints I used.

Below we have the only decent picture of the Wight King,

And next up a group shot of my Black Knights:

Featured Image -- 2050


They’re the same color scheme as the Wight King, with silver & bronze armor and purple fabric pieces. Now for some close(ish) ups! First you’ve got a semi-nice view of their leader, and you can also see the flag-bearer and trumpeteer (?) as well:

And here we have the flag-bearer and a spearsman. Unfortunately I accidentally broke the tip of his spear off, and wasn’t going to bother trying to glue the bugger back on (it was a pain enough having to paint that piece of plastic, nevermind the thought of gluing it back in place).

Last but not least the other spearsman (spear in tact lol) and the trumpeteer. I know the latter is kind of out of focus, but I’m still in the process of learning how to get the best images out of my iPhone until I can find and purchase a decent camera to do my photography.

So what do ya’ll think? I’m actually quite proud of the highlighting work I managed to get done on the skeleton horses, though I didn’t do half as well on the fabric… :/

till next post, Katie


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