Mani Monday: Nude Floral Nails

Hello everyone and welcome to another nail tutorial! My nails have recently decided that they’re going to peel and break easily, so lately I’ve been trying to come up with more designs for short nails, because I believe that even if you don’t have long nails you deserve to have pretty nails. Here’s a cute and simple design that can work for short or long nails. And what’s even better about this look? If you don’t have a dotting tool or striping brush, you can use a toothpick to get the same great results! 🙂


Of course, you can easily substitute any (or all) of the colors for ones that you prefer or have on hand. That’s what’s great about nail art, it’s so versatile and easy to change at any time. The occasional plain coat of polish is always great though, and sometimes even a better statement than having a design on your nails at all!


So what do you guys think? I hope you enjoyed this week’s tutorial. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Have suggestions for future designs? Shoot me a message via the Contact Page or leave a comment below!

till next post, Katie



7 thoughts on “Mani Monday: Nude Floral Nails

      • Katie says:

        I get the feeling. Between going to work, taking care of things on the farm, and blogging it sometimes feels impossible to find time to do my nails. But since it’s what got me started blogging I keep doing them; it’s also a nice way to relax and pamper myself once a week. 🙂

      • Katie says:

        To be honest, the answer & explanation to that question could get long. I’ve actually been planning on writing a post on this, so I’ll do that next Monday.
        But the short answer: the key is using a good top coat. I’ve had pretty good results with ORLY Nail Defense Top Coat. Make sure that when applying, you bring the brush across the tips of your nails as well as the nail itself. This helps keep your mani looking fresh longer.

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