Mani Monday: Anti-Chipping Tips

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all lived in a perfect world where we didn’t have to work or wash dishes and our nail polish never chipped? Unfortunately we don’t, but here are some ways that can help prevent chipping!

anti-chipping tips

  • always wipe down your nails with polish remover prior to applying polish to remove any oils from your nail beds & cuticles. this helps your polish adhere better to the nail
  • make sure to bring your polish across the tips of your nails
  • always always ALWAYS use a top coat (and use it over the tips of your nails too). it also helps if you reapply the top coat every few days to keep that protective layer nice and strong
  • a rounded nail shape is less likely to chip than a squared nail, as there aren’t any rough or sharp edges to catch on things and risk bending your nails, which is a huge reason polish chips
  • shorter nails are less prone to chipping than longer nails
  • in the event you do notice a chip, NEVER pick at it! all you have to do is go over it with some polish, let dry and add a top coat!
  • use a decent quality top coat. even if you’re using a 99 cent polish, a quality top coat can make all the difference. I’ve had pretty good luck using ORLY Nail Defense Top Coat (though a coat of OPI polish does last longer than say a coat of Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish).

Those are my tips to keeping your mani chip-free. Let me know in the comments below what you do to help resist chipping polish!

till next post, Katie


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