Weekly Rewind 1: Epcot Flower Festival!

I love blogging, and I love sharing my experiences with others. So in an attempt to keep you guys more up to date with my life and share the cool stuff going on in my little world, I’ve decided to start a new weekly post, a “Weekly Rewind” post. I’ll basically be highlighting the best parts of the past week for you guys every Saturday!

This week was fairly basic…starting out with me feeling a little vain after playing with my makeup (I’ve found this to be a common recurrence lately XD ) on Sunday.

And on Tuesday I put on this polish to try for a review in a couple of weeks. It’s Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Polish in Rosey Riviter. It’s supposed to last for up to 14 days with a gel-mani-like shine and such. We’ll see how it goes eh?


Now here’s where things get interesting. Wednesday marked the first day of Epcot’s annual Flower Festival. So, since my work schedule allows me to have Wednesday’s off, my family and I went down to Orlando to enjoy the flowers, food, and sunny spring weather. And lucky us, they had topiaries of Elsa and Anna from Frozen too!

They also had an adorable Tinkerbell topiary outside of their little butterfly garden

The amount of flowers they must put into this even is insane, they are all over the place and the entire park smells like flowers and yummy food. (psst….can you find the Mickey head?)

Unfortunately I never did get a chance to take pictures of any of the food we ate (but I assure you it was all delicious) and there were tons more topiaries and floral arrangements than I took pictures of. From the princesses to Lady and the Tramp, and even Peter Pan in London! I’m sure we’ll end up going a few more times before the festival is over, so I’ll be sure to grab more photos (and try to take the time to give you good looks at the food!) for you guys next time. šŸ™‚

Friday was the opening day of the movieĀ Chappie,Ā which the BF and I went to see. (MINOR SPOILER ALERT) It’s about a former robotic cop that is reprogrammed with a conscious and feelings, to essentially be a smarter human. He is stolen and “raised” to become a thug, and in the end the government wants to shut him down. I’d have to say that it was completely different from what I expected to see from the previews, but it was a pleasant surprise and change of pace.

How was your week? Did anything interesting happen?Ā Have you ever been to one of Epcot’s festivals? Did you guys see Chappie? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

till next post, Katie


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