Polish Swatch: Sugar Coat by Wet n Wild

Happy Wednesday my geeks! I’ve been obsessed with pale pastel colors lately, and recently I’ve been fawning over this polish by Wet n Wild called Sugar Coat.


As the name implies, it’s a super pale (almost white) pink that gives your nails the look of a glazed, sugary coating. This polish not only makes your skin look a couple of shades darker but serves as a beautifully simple statement color. It’s just enough to catch the eye, but not enough to draw too much attention, so this polish would be perfect in a more formal work environment.

I am pretty in love with the entire Wet n Wild Megalast line, as all of their polishes have a great, smooth formula, and Sugar Coat meets that same standard. The only thing I was disappointed with was how many coats that were required to achieve full color (it took 4 thin coats). But, seeing as it’s a really light shade I can understand why, and as long as you use thin, even coats it isn’t too bad. I have found that this polish is perfect for doing a french tip. It’s not stark white, so it provides a more natural looking tip.

I can’t wait to try to incorporate this color into some nail art designs for spring, I’m sure I’ll be able to pull off some really cute ones!

till next post, Katie

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