Weekly Rewind 2: Phone Frustration/Mini Rant

Happy Saturday guys! I’m sorry to say that this week was kind of…eh sucky would be a good word for it. I’ve been in the market for a new phone, and since Virgin Mobile (my original service provider) no longer carries iPhones for some crazy reason, I have had to look elsewhere for a phone and plan. *yay*. Off I went to various provider sites, and I ended up choosing to go with T-Mobile. So Monday night I ordered the phone (iPhone 6) and purchased a plan.

Surprisingly I had the phone the very next day, and I was able to activate it that night after work. One little thing though, I wasn’t getting any service. So I called them up to see what could be done. I was told by a number of customer service reps that I should definitely be getting service and that it may just be a matter of waiting for my old phone number to port over. So I waited all day Wednesday to get service. Nothing. So I called again that night, saying that it had been a full 24 hours and I still had nothing. The woman I spoke to that time told me that she would monitor my account for the next 24 hours and call me back Thursday night to see what she could do to help me. I never got that call. And so now I’ve got a phone that I can’t use as anything except for an over-priced iPod unless I’m miles away from where I live.

So Thursday night I went and purchased another phone and another plan with another carrier, which I will hopefully receive before too long. And while I’m sure T-Mobile works great for plenty of people…it’s just not gonna cut it for me.

Sorry for the not-so-interesting week guys. But it’s been a crazy annoying one. So tell me, have you ever experienced frustration with your phone company?

till next post, Katie


2 thoughts on “Weekly Rewind 2: Phone Frustration/Mini Rant

  1. kauifrommaui says:

    I know the feeling! There are two major phone companies where I live: one that has great phone service but terrible customer service and the other is vice-versa! I switched over to the latter last year and have no regrets (:

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