Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

I’ll be honest here, last week was a bad week for me guys. From the dumb phone situation to stress at work, weeks like those make me question everything. They make me ask questions like “What am I doing with my life?” and “What’s wrong with me?” or “Why do I mess everything up?”. And I know that I’m not the only one that has a bad week, and I’m definitely not the only one that has these thoughts.


So here’s to a new week, a new beginning, and a fresh slate to start from. I’m making this fresh step into a new me, a better me. And I ask that you take that step with me. Any time you feel those thoughts of self-abuse, stop and think of this post. Because trust me, there’s nothing wrong with you, and even if you don’t feel like your life is going anywhere trust me it is. People make mistakes, a lot of them. But that’s how we learn, and it’s a part of life that we have to live with. We can’t let our mistakes and self-doubt cause us to hold back from living our lives to the best of our abilities.

Too often I find myself doubting my abilities when applying for jobs, or looking into starting my own business. Nobody is going to be harder on you than you are, and that’s a fact. It’s human nature to be judgemental and critical of ourselves and everyone else around us. But trust me when I say that no one sees your mistakes like you do. So stop killing yourself over your mistakes. What’s done is done, all you can do is learn and move on.

And in an attempt to bring a more uplifting mood to go with the rest of your week, I’d like to draw your attention the one of my favorite inspirational songs that always helps me when I’m feeling down.

Katy Perry makes any day better 😉 So here we go guys, new week, fresh start! Stop being so hard on yourself, and work to just let things go.

till next post, Katie

*Please note that I am not receiving any form of compensation whatsoever from Katy Perry or any affiliates for linking her video into my blog post. I genuinely enjoy her music and would like to share one of my favorite songs with you. Thanks!


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