Weekly Rewind 3: New Phone & New Toys

It’s finally the weekend my geeks! We made it through another tough week! Fist bump?

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Yes, I know, for some the effects of Baymax’s adorable fist bump have worn off. But not for me. In fact, nowadays when my brother and I fist bump I end up making his noise. I am 100% still in love with Big Hero 6. Moving on… I finally got a working phone on Wednesday (trust me, Sunday – Tuesday were kinda bland)! So yayyy!!! I love finally having a phone again, it was driving me insane to not be able to text or call anyone. And needless to say, as an Apple junkie, I am quite smitten with my iPhone 6. ❤

And Thursday…oh Thursday. Let’s just say that it consisted of non-stop clinic work in the hot sun from 9am to 1pm and then more non-stop work in the office. I didn’t leave until nearly 7pm that night, and we close at 6pm! But luckily I was able to spend some time after work with my BF, so that’s always a nice way to unwind. Then Friday rolled around, and I spent the afternoon in town with my little brother, returned the useless phone and grabbed a yummy bite to eat at our local Red Robin joint.

Afterwards we ventured off to Toys R Us, where we did a wee bit of shopping. You know how I am in love with Big Hero 6 and Baymax? Well….I found myself a stuffed Baymax that talks! Sadly he doesn’t do the “badaladaladala” *sad face*

And, do ya’ll also recall how I enjoy putting models together? Well now there’s this new thing called Sprukits out, and it’s essentially an easier form of Warhammer figures. You just pop the pieces out, pop them together and you’re done. No glue or painting required. So I picked up my favorite one there, Master Chief (naturally). They also had Batman, Superman, Mew & Pikachu, and a couple of robotic things that I’m not entirely sure where they’re from.


I’m really excited about putting him together, it looks like it’ll be a nice change of pace from the mindless glue-stick-paint mantra of Warhammer figures. Ha! Alright everyone, that just about wraps up this week. What about you? How’s your week been? Let me know in the comments below, and enjoy your weekend!

till next post, Katie


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