Weekly Rewind 4: A New Friend, Some Business Finds & a Bubble-Loving Kitty

This week has been, well, tame to say the least in comparison with most weeks. You’ll forgive me for the lack of photos from this week. While I do my best to capture moments on-screen, for the most part I choose to live through them and forget about getting the camera out.

Let’s start with the friend shall we? While I am quite the little social butterfly, I don’t have that many friends, and even fewer close friends. So it’s always a nice change when I can add another person to my small “collection” of people. Even nicer, this person and I seem to get along remarkably well, considering the fact that we have yet to even actually meet. Yes, I met this person through a mutual friend on Facebook. And yes, we’ve been talking for a little more than a week now. Hopefully when we do meet we’ll still get along.

Now to some more exciting news. It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned anything relating to the business I eventually want to start. A couple of things. I’ve gotten back into the roll of testing out different waxes and fragrance oils for candles. I’ve run across some ok waxes, but overall I think I’m decided on my starting champion wax. Gel wax. It’s a beautiful and fun type of wax, which creates a clear candle. I’ve used it before when making some Raspberry Tea candles to see if a local restaurant would want to sell them.

raspberry candles

This kind of wax is great for making candles that look like drinks, or filling little fish bowls with sand and shells to create pretty works of art. So I’ve ordered some wax, some new containers to put the candles in, and plenty of spring fragrances to test out. I’ll keep you posted on that when the materials arrive!

This last little bit happened just yesterday when I was testing out my first product from the mini Lush haul I just did (post on that coming up, don’t worry!). I decided to use their Sunny Side Bubble Bar first. Pascal likes to join me in the bathroom sometimes, weirdo that he is, and while I was soaking in the bubbles he reached over and swatted the mounds of bubbles. I was lucky enough to be able to grab my phone and film him playing with a few I scooped up in my hand. Most of the time if I try to get him to re-enact a goofy move it doesn’t work out.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you all tomorrow with the quote of the week, which I’m pretty excited about. How was your week?

till next post, Katie

2 thoughts on “Weekly Rewind 4: A New Friend, Some Business Finds & a Bubble-Loving Kitty

  1. Megan says:

    As an introvert (not shy, just into being at home watching Netflix etc) I completely understand the little victories in making a new friend. :’) I hope everything goes well! Also, those candles are adooorable oh my gosh. Would be a great gift for a wine drinker! Or anyone that likes candles! Or anyone who likes cool looking things!

    • Katie says:

      I feel like I’m probably just on the line between being an introvert and extrovert. I love being alone but sometimes I need to socialize or I’ll feel depressed. And thanks! I made those a while ago, and I hope to start making them in wine glasses again. πŸ™‚

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