Weekly Rewind 5: Short & Sweet

It’s my goal to keep things as real as possible on my blog. I hate having to act like I’m someone else, and being anyone but myself here would make blogging boring. I don’t just blog about beauty and geeky stuff, but about my life as well. So naturally, there will be some days when I’ll write about how awful my life is and be a little mopey. I know that’s not fun to read, so on days like those (or in this case, weeks) I’ll keep these posts short.

This week I ended my relationship with a guy. It was a mutual breakup, so you’d think it’d be easier to get through. But somehow it isn’t. Somehow, knowing that there isn’t a single reason to be mad about how it ended makes it more painful. Knowing that there really isn’t any way to deal with it but to remind myself that we can still be friends, and that it just wasn’t meant to be. In the end I should be happy, I saved the friendship that we had, and I can still look forward to hanging out with him once the breakup mourning stages have passed.

So yep. That about sums up this week, actually. I became single again. And now there’s nothing left to do but move on, appreciate what the relationship was, and look forward to new adventures.

I hope your week was better than mine, and I’d just like to remind all of you, no matter what difficulty you’re facing right now, it’ll all work out in the end. Believe that and everything will be ok.

till next post, Katie


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