Weekly Rewind 6: Shopping Addict?

Alright, confession time. I used to be really good with my money. I’d put nearly everything I earned into my savings account and only buy stuff Ā I really wanted or needed. But then over the course of a couple of years I realized how much I loved makeup and shoes and all sorts of things, and now I’m kinda addicted to shopping. I think it doesn’t help that I try to rationalize my shopping by telling myself that “I can blog about it later!”…does anyone else run into this problem? No? Moving on. So I did a bit of shopping last week, and to be fair some of my purchases were for my future business…so that makes it ok right? I bought a trial amount of wax and about 13 different 1 oz. bottles of fragrance oils! I’ve already started running my test burns on these and thus far I’m really excited about the fragrances I chose. Just for anyone that’s curious, here’s the fragrances (left to right, starting from the top row): Victorian Rose, Raspberry, Cucumber-Lemon, Strawberry, Torrential Rain, Ginger Peach, Amazingly Grace, Bedtime Bath, Indian Sandalwood, China Rain, Beach Daisies, & Clean. Gel wax is so fun to use and super, super easy. Even better, it’s easy to clean out of my melting pot (it’s really as simple as peeling it out of the pot!). What remains is a clump of gel wax leftovers, which served as inspiration for my first DIY post (which I’ll be posting soon, I promise)!! šŸ˜€

For those of you that don’t know, I’ve also been considering the idea of having bath and body products in my future business as well. So I went ahead and bought some stuff to make a little test/funsies batch of Lavender & Chamomile soap bars!

{img source: Soap Queen}

And from the same company I noticed that they sell stuff to make your own nail polish! Everyone knows how much I adore nail polish, so I wanted to give it a go and bought myself one of the polish making kits that they sell.

{img source: Bramble Berry}

I’m super excited about both of these items and I will definitely be sure to make posts on the process and a general review of them as well! The next thing that I purchased was from Lush, a company that I’ve heard so many good things about and I’ve been absolutely dying (ok, I guess I should let it be known I do tend to over exaggerate) to try some of their products. I know I posted about this last week, but I liked the first couple of items I tried so I decided to buy more and this time I want to try to record the bath bombs to give you guys a peek at what they’re like. So yay! Itty bitty Lush haul coming in the near future (I promise!).

And last but not least, I went a little crazy in the makeup aisle of my local grocery store…so I’ll be posting some swatchy swatches on the 5 new nail polishes I have at some point too. šŸ™‚


What have I learned this week? That I should probably get a better handle on my finances. Will I? All I can say is that I’ll try…but no guarantees. XD How was your week my geeks?

till next post, Katie


4 thoughts on “Weekly Rewind 6: Shopping Addict?

    • Katie says:

      So far all of the fragrances have tested well, so I’m hoping to start selling before too long. I’ll definitely share it on my post when I do! šŸ™‚

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